What standard of paint finish can I expect?

We offer ‘stills’ and ‘video’ quality painting.


Stills quality comes standard. This means the paint is applied without filling and sanding, leaving some minor imperfections on the surface. If you’re shooting with talent, or using plinths as part of a large room set, this is the standard we recommend.


Video quality means the surface is thoroughly sanded and filled, with each layer of paint sanded as well. This results in an extremely smooth finish, suitable for very close shots and video. As this is a time consuming process, video quality painting is available on request and priced on application.

Do you deliver?


We do! For an additional fee we can take care of all the delivery logistics for you. Just contact us with your requirements and we’ll put together a quote.

Our budget is tight and I’d like to save money on delivery. Can I pick the items up myself? 

Sure, that’s no problem. Contact us to arrange a pick up time from our studio in Coburg North.

Can I screw into the surface of a wall or plinth?

Yes, we’re all for reinventing and adapting the ‘building blocks’ we have! Maybe you want to build a shelving unit around a plinth, have a 3D structure attached to a wall flat, or add some castors for a video project. Don’t hesitate to reach out to start a conversation about it.

Do you offer any accessories necessary to move the pieces and put the set together, or do I have to buy those myself?


We offer some accessories for hire. We have ‘L’ brackets for securely supporting wall flats, shot bags, and quick-grip clamps. For damage-free transportation of our items, we offer moving blankets, dollys, and ratchet straps. If you have any specific requests or questions, please get in touch.

What’s with the soft drink can?

Well, part of what we do is visualising 3D sets and spaces that haven’t been built yet, in a way that is clear and understandable for clients. When you add a picture of a soft drink can to a small scale still-life set, everyone can gauge exactly how big the set is!